Build your systems just right!

Manage system design complexity and ensure correctness, safety and efficiency

System Design

The design of distributed and safe control systems is an engineering challenge. Tackle this complexity with our new ASSIST Tool Suite and create safe and more efficient real-time systems faster.

  • Design Space Exploration
  • Virtual Integration
  • Architecture Optimization


The adaptation to a new hardware platform needs an automated and bullet proof deployment process. With our ASSIST Tool Suite you can create software mappings and real-time schedules.

  • Mapping of Applications
  • Scheduling of Tasks
  • Ensure safety and timings

Quality Assurance

Errors in your software and poor design choices can quickly jeopardize the correctness of your system. We build high quality systems based on the „correctness by construction principle“.

  • Ensure timing properties
  • Ensure safety properties
  • AI feature assurance


Simulating the mobility of people and vehicles in large cities is important to ensure safe, green and efficient mobility systems. With SESAM we provide a cloud-based mobility simulator.

  • Mobility simulation
  • City planning
  • AI training data generation

The co4e GmbH is a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center (DLR). It is based in Berlin and provides technology consultancy services and specialized software tools for system engineers.