ASSIST Tool Suite

The ASSIST Tool Suite automates the design of complex and distributed control systems and adheres to the rigorous engineering principles of safety-critical systems

Design Space Exploration

Evaluate different hardware architectures or software designs for feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Define variations in the hardware resources, software components and redundancy requirements
  • Define your design space with „Exploration Candidates“
  • Automatically explore the design space and quickly find feasible solutions
  • Evaluate feasible solutions with built-in and customizable metrics

Deployment & Mapping

Create an allocation for all software components (tasks or applications) to the hardware resources in the system. ASSIST automatically manages resource capacities and ensures resource compatibility.

  • Create a mapping for all software components automatically
  • Ensure satisfaction of all resource requirements and safety requirements
  • Find the best mapping by using customizable metrics to evaluate every deployment
  • Manage shared resources on multicore processor for multi-function integration


Create a periodic schedule for your real-time tasks and ensure a predictable and deterministic timing behavior.

  • Automatically determine the length of the hyperperiod
  • Define different task switching time to fit the timing behavior of the RTOS or hypervisor
  • Define timing relation to fix a real-time behavior
  • Allow for task slicing to increase processor utilization
  • Ensure synchronized access to shared resources



Easy start

ASSIST can be quickly used with almost no front loading effort


ASSIST automates crucial engineering tasks with quick feedback

Data Import

ASSIST can import requirements and data from external tools and models


Textual Specification

ASSIST features a simple and powerful specification language



ASSIST creates results which are correct „by construction“

Data Export

ASSIST can export generated results to external engineering tools

Visual Results

ASSIST allows to analyze and evaluate the results in a GUI


ASSIST can be adapted to support customer-specific requirements


ASSIST runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS

Selected Case Studies & Publications

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